Orange Roughy

  Orange Roughy


(3 lbs.) Your Price: $56.00

(5 lbs) Your Price: $89.00

Over the last few years New York Steak is proud to have become the number one place to buy fish online, bringing the best quality tuna, Mahi Mahi, and orange roughy to our customers at the lowest prices possible. It is this latter product that quickly become one of our top-sellers, for we have one of the most complete and reliable pipeline of orange roughy suppliers on the planet, using our relationships to import the highest quality of this delicious delicacy from Australia and New Zealand to ensure the best products for all of our customers who buy fish online.

Unfortunately for many, orange roughy is relatively unknown treat, for they live so deep under the sea it wasn’t until the last few decades that man could effectively catch and bring them to market. But over the last 30 years humankind has developed the ability to reliably snare these fish that live a mile-and-a-half underwater, bringing the succulent wonders of the orange roughy to the attention of an ever-growing legion of devoted fans.

Now, with the rise of the Internet it has become commonplace to buy fish online, making it easier than ever to enjoy these tasty treats. Here at New York Steak we are committed to bring the highest quality orange roughy to our clients at fairest prices and the quickest delivery times, and have implemented a number of policies to make this possible.

First, we offer the lowest prices anywhere, allowing our customers to buy fish online at prices often 30-40% below our competitors, ensuring that delicious delicacies like orange roughy are affordable to all.

Secondly, we offer a variety of shipping options, allowing all of our customers to get their orders at the time of their choosing. We ship all of our products in reusable foam coolers, packed liberally with dry ice to ensure the freshness and quality of every shipment. While we usually send orders via UPS or DHL priority (arrives in 2-3 business days), we also offer overnight delivery for those customers who need a shipment of orange roughy immediately. While this latter option is more expensive than our standard $19.95 shipping rate, it allows us to meet the needs of all who buy fish online from us.

Contact us today and we can immediately get you enjoying these succulent fish of the deep.


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